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Beginner 5k

This is for you if you have been waffling with the idea of doing your first race but need something different! We have designed a plan to get you started down the path to 5k success! This training will allow you to reach and surpass your potential, leaving you faster, stronger, and healthier than ever before!

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Intermediate 5k

This is for you if you have done a 5k before and are looking to improve your time! The intermediate 5k plan adds mileage and intensity designed to build strength and speed.  As with all of our plans, a strong cross training element is included to keep you healthy and strong, to the start line and beyond.

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Advanced 5k

You have plenty of experience at the 5k distance, but now you are ready to own the course! Our Advanced 5k plan steps up the intensity while maintaining your strong base and corse muscle strength through innovative cross training workouts.  A strong runner is a fast runner.  A fast runner breaks records!

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