Coach Rudy graduated from Georgia State University in 2005 with a Double Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance and Risk Management.  After graduating from GA State and working in several corporate roles including sales and was left feeling that there was more to life than pushing towards a paper goal. Coach Rudy left the corporate world in 2011 to focus on his passion for bettering others. He found his ability to teach and motivate individuals as a Trainer to be exceptionally fulfilling and further focused on working with  Teens and Kiddos the past 4 years as a CrossFit Kids trainer. He takes this knowledge of teaching and programming to SPC as he works with Dr. Lauren to better Endurance Athletes.

Coach Rudy can be found lifting heavy things and playing with his 2 boys outside on any given day. He also coaches Teens and Kiddos at DFC CrossFit and Johns Creek CrossFit, where he has made countless teens and kiddos love fitness and coached a national champion in powerlifting.